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Interchangeable Handbags: A Guide to the Best Brands

Interchangeable Handbags: A Guide to the Best Brands

Interchangeable handbags allow you to change the look of your bag in a matter of seconds by swapping out different elements. Sure, with traditional bags you can (maybe) embellish them a bit by adding a scarf or something. But a truly interchangeable bag gives you the ability to change components and morph the aesthetic to make the bag look totally different.

In this blog post:

Handbags with Interchangeable Covers

Handbags with Interchangeable Straps

Have you ever switched bags and forgot to transfer items…like, really important items? Yeah, been there! With interchangeable bags you can leave those days behind. Change the appearance but keep the stuff you need. No more embarrassing moments.   

Examples of interchangeability include:

  • A removable skin or outer cover
  • Removable carrying straps or handles
  • Detachable flaps (think saddle bag style)
  • Interchangeable, decorative belt
  • The ability to change colors, patterns, and/or materials

Interchangeable handbags are a great way to express your personal style, compliment your outfit, and avoid cluttering your closet with too many bags. Interchangeable handbags are also a sustainable option, as they reduce the need to purchase new bags each time you want to change your look. By simply swapping out some elements, you can create a whole new bag that is perfectly suited to your needs and style.

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Handbags with Interchangeable Covers

Lavada Signature Hybrid Bag, shown in black with tan overlayLavāda Signature Vegan Leather Hybrid Handbag – Lavāda’s patented luxury bag not only offers an interchangeable outer cover, it’s the only one on the list that provides 4-in-1 versatility. On top of changing the cover, you can change the carrying strap and the removable belt. Best of all, the base handbag is gorgeous on its own and is already a statement piece. This brand is sustainable and all handbags and clutches are made from vegan leather…in this case, cactus! And Lavāda offers free shipping on their handbags and clutches.

Everything comes bundled in a single price with your choice of a black or tan base bag, plus an outer cover, belt and carrying strap in the complimentary color of your choosing. There are no magnets used in the construction, only snaps and other natural brass hardware. So you never have to worry about demagnification over time.

Miche bag

Miche – Miche is one of the first brands to offer interchangeable handbags. And for a while, they left the US market. But they’re back! Miche offers a modular system where you purchase a base bag, then add outer covers to your cart. Using a magnet system, the outer cover can be attached to the base bag in order to change your style. Miche offers interchangeable handles, as well.


Calin NYC interchangeable bag

Calin NYC - Calin NYC offers rectangular, interchangeable bags that allow you to use an insert and change the cover. The insert has tiny holes along the top perimeter that get paired with pins in the outer cover to connect the two pieces together. Calin NYC’s starter kits also come with a chain which is detachable. 


Carrie Dunham interchangeable bag

Carrie Dunham - Carrie Dunham provides interchangeable handbags through a modular system. Base bags and covers (along with straps) are each sold separately. Many of the covers are reversible. The bag options range from clutches to totes. The brand started by producing laptop bags before evolving into other items.


Riley Versa

Riley Versa – Riley Versa is a NY-based brand that offers plastic tote bags with swappable inner pouches. They also offer purses with interchangeable covers that are secured with magnets. In addition, the straps on their bags can be changed. Similar to some of the other entries on this list, Riley Versa sells its product in a la carte fashion. 


Tomoli Briffani interchangeable

Tomoli – Tomoli offers the Briffani line of bags that come with interchangeable flaps and straps. One variation is reminiscent of the classic saddle style bag. The other is like a traditional tote with a large rectangular silhouette. Both are made with cowhide leather.  


 Handbags with Interchangeable Straps

Here is a list of brands that offer handbags with interchangeable straps. This list may not be fully exhaustive, but it is fairly robust as of the time of publishing.

Lavada interchangeable handbag accessories

Lavāda Handbags -The carrying strap on Lavāda’s Signature Vegan Leather Hybrid Handbag is interchangeable, along with the cover and decorative belt. All components are included with purchase and customers can choose their base bag color and complimentary color for the accessories. 

Briffani Orbit by Tomoli – The removable straps on the Briffani are made possible with magnets. Several colorways are available.

Moost rubber bag

Moost – Moost’s classic bag is a waterproof and durable shell that is large enough to be used for groceries or taken to the beach. The shell is sold separately from the handles, which come in different colors and patterns. And if you want a lining, those can also be added to your cart. Classic Moost bags are made from a rubber-like EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) polymer.

Kedzie – Kedzie sells straps for wristlets, totes and backpacks.

Mark & Graham – You can purchase monogrammed bag straps from Mark & Graham, and there are multiple colors to choose from.

Social Threads base messenger bag

Social Threads – Social Threads sells a variety of boho and messenger bags. The strap is not included, but they offer a wide variety of colorful and decorative straps made of different materials.   

Salt – Salt sells wide straps in varying colors and patterns for your bag.

Carrie Dunham – To compliment their bags, Carrie Dunham sells both short and long straps.

Adhorned – Adhorned sells messenger bags in different sizes that you can purchase separate belts for.

Riley Versa – Carrying straps are sold separately for Riley Versa’s totes, and you can also purchase a separate chain for their Riley Bag.

No matter what your budget or style, there is an interchangeable handbag brand out there that may be perfect for you. With their versatility and style, interchangeable handbags are a great way to extend your wardrobe on your terms. 

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