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Lavāda specializes in high-end, interchangeable cactus vegan leather bags (not PU or pleather) that are PETA approved and EOKO-TEX certified. Our solution is patented and the only 4-in-1 option that exists on the market. Our aim is to help you get the most useful life out of the items in your closet, thereby helping you meet your own sustainability goals in a stylish and multi-functional way.

But wait...that's not the start of things. Here is our "once upon a time" story

Lavāda's Brand Story

Picture of Lavada's founder, Anita Thomas

Founder, Anita Thomas, has always had a different eye and perspective on fashion and accessories. In college, she took courses in pattern making and subsequently completed classes in leather working. She deviated from the fashion path to pursue a corporate career, but left the C-suite in 2021 to return to her creative passions.

During an in-person visit between Anita and her mother, something life-altering happened. After dinner one evening, Anita shared with her mom that she had some ideas for handbags. She picked her mom's brain about a couple of elements she had in mind. Since Anita's mother is an expert seamstress, she valued her input.

As Anita recalls it, "I started telling her that I wanted to figure out the mechanics and different attachment options for an interchangeable handbag. And while I dove in and asked her some questions about construction, she gave me a weird look. But she went ahead and rattled off a bunch of things that immediately came to her mind."  The following evening, they had another conversation.

When they were sitting outside on the patio, Anita's mom came clean. "I didn't mention anything last night when you brought up your handbag idea, buuuut…for the past 10 or so years, I've been playing around with my own unique patterns for handbags." Anita got chills. She was dumbfounded. How could the two of them have similar interests, but neither of them knew? And how could her mom keep this a secret for so long? It was a moment of sudden realization. A spark of divine purpose was born, and Anita knew they needed to give life to their ideas.

Anita proceeded to name the brand after her mother...her 'shero' and inspiration. 

Our Products & Philosophy

Lavāda is the only quiet luxury, sustainable brand that offers a 4-in-1 patented, interchangeable bag made from cactus vegan leather. It lets you expand your wardrobe while participating in conscious fashion. In a nutshell, we're changing the way we all think about handbags. 

  • Lavāda is an official PETA Business Friends partner
  • Our handbags are meticulously handcrafted by real artisans of the trade; some of whom hail from Italy.
  • They are vegan throughout; made from cactus-based leather (zero toxic chemicals, phthalates or PVC), microsuede lining, natural brass hardware, and other ethically-sourced items.
  • We are diligent in our choice of raw materials because we believe in being good stewards of the environment while letting you have a fun, personalized experience with fashion. 

The unique interplay of base handbag with customization--along with signature design details like the teardrop shaped snap closures--make the brand instantly recognizable. Formed in 2021Lavāda began with concepts for the initial handbags and worked with trusted partners to bring it to life. Design and utility patents were also filed during this time leading to successful issue in the U.S. and internationally. 

Today, Lavāda participates in slow fashion. We produce small batch, handmade vegan handbags and wallets/clutches, as well as on-demand garments that help minimize overproduction and bulk waste. And, fun fact, Anita believes in stewardship and sustainably so much that she even rented her bridal gown for her wedding instead of purchasing one for single use. 

Lavāda's mission is to empower women with personalized and transitional fashion, all while using sustainable materials that do not compromise on luxury.

  • We believe that luxury can be sustainable and cruelty free.
  • We believe that fashion and stewardship should be co-dependent.
  • We believe in getting the most out of every purchase, and creating products that are well crafted with long life spans.

And since giving is also important to us, we donate a portion of our proceeds to charitable causes.


Lavāda Handbags, LLC is a minority, woman-owned business established in 2021. We are headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Lavāda Handbags is inspired by and named after the founder's mother. A woman who personifies beauty, smarts, resilience, self-sufficiency, and is stylish beyond comparison. She knows how to follow rules, but has way more fun when she can make her own. She is the master of reinvention and coloring outside the lines. This persona, the empowered woman living life on her terms, became the bedrock for the innovative (and interchangeable) Lavāda Handbags line. Every person who sports a Lavāda handbag can be reminded of her own power. YOU are in charge of your style and fashion. Plus, by reducing the need for a bunch of handbags you won't use, you can minimize the clutter in your closet and reduce your carbon footprint. Lavāda believes in good stewardship, and we also believe that hurting animals and the environment is not best practice when it comes to making handbags or accessories. 


Lavāda specializes in sustainable, luxury handbags. All of our handbags are made from PETA-approved vegan leather that comes from cactus. Yes, cactus! It's hard to believe that it is as luxurious and supple as any leather goods you may have drooled over...minus the animal cruelty. Beyond that, our handbags are quite strong and durable. They're also very easy to care for.