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Interchangeable Luxury Vegan Leather Handbags - Cactus Leather

interchangeable luxury vegan leather bags from Lavada

Lavāda introduces our patented Vegan Leather Interchangeable Bag. It's luxury because of the hand craftsmanship and all the non-compromising materials we use, including sumptuous cactus leather, vegan microsuede lining, and natural brass hardware. A true plant-based masterpiece, it's not PU or pleather. And the 4-in-1 interchangeability equals options galore!  Each purchase includes a base bag, an outer cover, an extra interchangeable belt, and an extra carrying strap. The base bag comes in black or tan. Then the real fun begins. 

Protected by U.S. patent #D1,010,312 S, China #202130518208.3, EU #008645113-0001, UK #6185605, Japan #2021-017154, 1703824, Mexico #2021/002276, 66417, PCT #US2022/016036 

Choose your base color (black or tan), then pick your complimentary color.

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