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Luxury Vegan Handbags: Worth the Hype?


Luxury vegan handbags are becoming a must-have for those concerned about fashion’s ethical and environmental impact. Let’s be honest; there's only a handful of choices that manage to rival high-end mainstream brands while harnessing the beauty and versatility of eco-friendly, vegan leather handbags. For the sustainable fashion connoisseur, cruelty-free handbags are a quintessential way to upgrade every ensemble with ease. 

At Lavāda, we are fueled by a mission to empower women with personalized and transitional fashion, all while using sustainable materials that do not compromise on luxury. That's why we introduced our cruelty-free leather bags wrapped in eco-conscious practices. We took an innovative approach to luxurious minimalism for women with impeccable taste and deep care for the environment and all its inhabitants.


Lovingly crafted from PETA-approved, vegan leather sourced from cactus, this handbag line offers classic, timeless wardrobe staples that will continue to be loved long after they've been received. With the entire fashion sphere slowly shifting to widespread adaptation of plant-based materials, Lavāda Handbags aspires to follow along on the journey. That’s where cactus leather really shines. Consider it as a cruelty-free, organic, and utterly soft alternative to traditional leather—minus phthalates, toxic chemicals, and PVC.

Why is cactus leather hailed as one of the most sustainable options for your all-year-round wardrobe arsenal? It only takes a few mature leaves of the cactus Lavāda uses to make one linear meter of fabric. New leaves from the unharmed plant will sprout in as little as 6 months. The cacti also absorb carbon dioxide during the night and can take up to 8 years before they need to be replanted.

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First and foremost, no animals are getting harmed to adorn consumers with beautiful accessories. Luxury vegan leather handbags not only make you look good, they also make you feel good. The Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that around 3.8 billion cows and other bovine animals are used solely for leather production each year. In addition, millions of smaller animals like snakes, alligators, and ostriches are exclusively farmed for their skins and fur.

Even in 2022, many countries don’t have strict regulations in place when it comes to the tanning process. Hence, harmful chemicals and gasses, including carcinogenic chromium often get released in the air. These toxic chemicals also flow directly to the local water passageways.

  • Vegan leather requires no animal cruelty
  • Vegan leather production causes a fraction of the amount of CO2 compared to animal leather
  • Vegan leather is extremely durable and long-lasting
  • Vegan leather is equally as luxurious
  • It’s water-resistant, stain-resistant and can be exposed to the elements

Cactus leather handbags won’t force you to choose between luxury and sustainability; they offer the best of both worlds. Blame it on their lustrous look, the array of color options, or the elevated textures; the outcome is still the same. Elegant, practical, and unapologetically beautiful handbags ready to “dress” every side of you. Fashion is, after all, a form of expression and self-love.

Lavāda Handbags are much more than luxurious additions to every woman’s rotation. They are here to help you embrace a much-welcomed burst of creativity, timeless charm, and sensibility.

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